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The show must go on!

Did you escape this week without hearing about a singer’s great skate and fall?

The Vancouver Canuck’s anthem singer, Mark Donnelly, was performing the national anthem on skates this time, when he tripped and fell on the red carpet. Complete disaster, you say? Take a look:

As fellow musicians, I think we have to give him credit. He didn’t miss a beat, and his voice barely cracked. What a pro!

Have you ever flubbed a performance? How did you feel? What did you do to get over it (in the moment AND after the fact)?

♪ Mairéad

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Hyped for Skype?

Hi everyone,

Winter continues to reign supreme! With the latest storm blowing in a week apart from the last (why does it always fall on music lesson days?) I thought I’d offer something for those who travel a little further to class: how about a virtual class?

If this is what you're bound to see on your way to class, then Skype me!

As you know, my trusty laptop is always sitting in class anyway, so why not Skype in if you can’t make it? You could also do this form the couch if you’re feeling sick and can’t come.

Find me on Skype; my name is maifriz. I’ll have it on in class from now on.

Stay warm!