Achievement Announcement

The Moonbeams 3 are well on their way to having played/written their exams. Just one more candidate to go!

Results are finally in for the Royal Conservatory of Music Preliminary Rudiments theory exam. Owen Willis received 93% and therefore First Class Honours with Distinction.

Congratulations Owen! I am so proud and you stand as an excellent example to future theory candidates in my classes. Bravo!

-Mrs. Frizell


I’se the B’y

On Tuesday night my Moonbeams 3 celebrated their final class with Newfoundland flair and a good old fashioned “Kitchen Party.” Until now I had only heard of the tradition and thought it sounded like great fun. It really was!

I learned a lot of about a place in Canada that I have not been able to visit yet (one day, hopefully!) We also celebrated Mummering by dressing up disguised (as “Mummers”) and guessing who’s who. After that we had a “Screech-in” ceremony with Purity Syrup. Of course a kitchen party wouldn’t be complete without music, so we played the upright piano (Lots of MB3 Canadian Folksongs), sang and even played some guitar.

We all had a great time, and I’m very pleased that like me, these children have learned more about our Canadian Heritage.

Congratulations Moonbeams 3- class of 2011! All of your hard work has paid off!

-Mairéad (Mrs. Frizell)