Recital Reception

Hi folks!

I will be providing coffee, tea and juice as well as a cake for our refreshments after the recital.music cookies

If you can provide anything, that would greatly be appreciated. Please leave your name and what you are bringing in the comments section below.

Already provided:

  • Dana- cheese and crackers
  • Lisa- veggies
  • Gwen- chips & dip
  • Charmy- cookies
  • Mehret- samosas
  • Angela & Ally – fruit



Recital 2013

Hi everyone!

As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, the recital will be on Sunday April 28th. Here are the details:

What: Our annual spring recital is a time to share music with family and friends. Students gain experience performing for and being a member of an audience. Refreshments will be served after. Please let me know if you would be able to provide any snacks. I will provide cake, tea, coffee and juice.
When: Sunday April 28th, at 2pm (Try to arrive 10 minutes early).
Where: Prince of Wales Manor, 22 Barnstone Drive (directions). The recital will be on the lower level in the Recreation Hall.
Who: For family and friends. There will be plenty of room (or more chairs brought in) for all!

How do I prepare my child to perform?

What to wear: I take a semi-casual approach to performing, especially for first-timers. Your child should dress respectfully, yet still be comfortable. Example: no jeans, but also stay away from tight dress shoes, or constricting buttons/shirts or dresses.

Your sheet music: It is a good idea to have your music copied onto a separate sheet, then backed with a thicker paper or cardboard (like a file folder). This ensures you won’t have to search for pages, or fumble with a large, bendy book.

In practice: If you currently use a digital piano or keyboard most of the time, play your piece fortissimo. The baby grand will feel “harder” to press, so practicing loudly now will make that transition a little easier.

Try to simulate what performance is like in these ways: Play for friends, family, the dog, and grandma over the phone. Have them applaud for you and don’t forget to bow 🙂

On the big day: Make sure your child is fed and well rested. Don’t over practice in the last minute. A practice in the morning should suffice. If you have prepared well in the days and weeks leading up to this, you and your child won’t feel the pressure. Be aware of your own feelings about performing. If you have stage fright, don’t pass that anxiety to your child. Let your child know that you are proud of their effort and it doesn’t matter if a mistake is made. Find the positive in the performance and focus on that! We’re not trying to build mini-Mozarts; we want to foster a sense of accomplishment for hard work being done. Finally, enjoy the show! Be a role model for good audience behaviour.

How can you guarantee you’ll be there, Mrs. Frizell?

The short answer is that I can’t. I will certainly do everything in my power to be present though! But I do have a back up teacher, my colleague who also teaches MYC, Loralee Bishop. She will have the recital program and has held recitals at this venue before (as well as countless others at various venues).

Please contact me if you have any further questions.