2011 Rectial Information

Hello Parents,

Many have asked for information, so here it is:

Sunday, June 5th

There are two time slots, 1:30 and 3:00 pm.

Prince of Wales Manor. Check this map for details.

I expect each session to go about 45 minutes to an hour for playing time, then we get to relax with some treats. You are free to come and go through the performance if needed (washroom breaks, baby care etc…) as long as you are respectful to the performers.

-Please sign up in studio if you would like to bring food, as long as it is nut-free.
-Don’t forget your child’s book(s) even if they have their song memorized!

Thank you,

-Mairéad (Mrs. Frizell)

Practice Tips

The Multiple Uses of Painter’s Tape

I have been painting my kitchen and living room over the past few days, and was reminded of a practice tip I heard from a music parent. They use painter’s tape to stick the printed off homework sheet to the wall, right above their children’s piano. Then they always have what needs to be done in view, and they can mark off their practices each day. It’s no surprise that these sisters often enjoy turning in 7-day practices!

The other Music use for painter’s tape? Umm…. I got nothin’.

Post your creative uses below! Or more constructively, what practice tips can you share?

-Mairéad (Mrs. Frizell)


I’se the B’y

On Tuesday night my Moonbeams 3 celebrated their final class with Newfoundland flair and a good old fashioned “Kitchen Party.” Until now I had only heard of the tradition and thought it sounded like great fun. It really was!

I learned a lot of about a place in Canada that I have not been able to visit yet (one day, hopefully!) We also celebrated Mummering by dressing up disguised (as “Mummers”) and guessing who’s who. After that we had a “Screech-in” ceremony with Purity Syrup. Of course a kitchen party wouldn’t be complete without music, so we played the upright piano (Lots of MB3 Canadian Folksongs), sang and even played some guitar.

We all had a great time, and I’m very pleased that like me, these children have learned more about our Canadian Heritage.

Congratulations Moonbeams 3- class of 2011! All of your hard work has paid off!

-Mairéad (Mrs. Frizell)

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Springtime: winding up or winding down?

As I reflect at this time of year, I can view in two ways: 1) We are gearing up for summer; time to relax, plan outdoor activities, or look forward to a “non-schedule.”

And 2) We are winding down from a hard year of work. Or maybe it was a great year with many goals reached. Overall, I hope it was a year where you felt that the time we spent together in music class was a happy and productive time.

Which are you doing? Winding up, down or both?

-Mairéad (Mrs. Frizell)