Practice Tips

The Multiple Uses of Painter’s Tape

I have been painting my kitchen and living room over the past few days, and was reminded of a practice tip I heard from a music parent. They use painter’s tape to stick the printed off homework sheet to the wall, right above their children’s piano. Then they always have what needs to be done in view, and they can mark off their practices each day. It’s no surprise that these sisters often enjoy turning in 7-day practices!

The other Music use for painter’s tape? Umm…. I got nothin’.

Post your creative uses below! Or more constructively, what practice tips can you share?

-Mairéad (Mrs. Frizell)

1 thought on “The Multiple Uses of Painter’s Tape”

  1. We do it every day after breakfast!! That way it’s part of Jimmy’s daily routine…. he doesn’t even think about it anymore! He goes right from the table to the keyboard!

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