5 Reasons to Take Group Music Lessons

If you a considering music lessons for your child, you may wonder what group lessons have to offer in comparison private lessons. Here are the top 5 reasons to take group music lessons:

1. PEER INTERACTION – Learning together with your peers is not only more fun, but the lesson can be tailored to a specific age group. MYC classes are structured according to age and experience. And music is a social thing- we play it together, dance to it at parties, and sing together in worship. Learning the piano does not have to be a solitary activity!

2. ENSEMBLE PLAYING- When you learn to play piano in a private setting, it is not too easy to get to play with another fellow musician. The skill of playing together and performing in front of others is crucial to any developing musician. Starting in a group from the beginning means that your child will be a more confident performer and group member (a duo, trio or a band) in the future.

3. FRIENDLY COMPETITION- I never have to openly compare students or pit them against one another, but certainly many of them “step up their game” when they are required to play in front of each other each week! The competition is subtle, and it can be an excellent motivation for many young students. And that can mean less “persuasion” from parents.

4. STRUCTURE- When teaching a group, classes need to move forward and goals need to be met. Having a clear system in place ensures that key concepts are not missed or glazed over. Students will benefit from the routines within music class, and will learn to maintain good practice habits at home, which in turn builds better musicians.

5. IT IS WAY MORE FUN TO LEARN IN A GROUP! Children of a young age cannot be expected to sit a piano bench for  a half hour- it’s counterintuitive. In my classes, we spend an action packed hour moving, singing, tapping, dancing, listening, playing, building, pretending, thinking and learning music in a way that children can enjoy and absorb easily.