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Music For Young Children provides the best quality music education to young children by blending the pleasure and joy of music making with sound instruction.

Mairéad Frizell
(Owner, B.A., Music, MYCC, RCM Certified Teacher)

As your teacher, I am pleased to introduce you to the “happy habit” of music- right here in Kemptville! With much to discover in the world of music, consider me as your guide along the way. MYC lessons are more than traditional piano lessons. They are a jam packed hour of music lessons and fun.

There are many tools that I use to aid in our discoveries. One such tool is this website. I hope you enjoy the articles, downloads and information it brings. I value your comments, and they can be great conversation starters for you (the parent and student – who I like to call the “music family”) as well as teachers.

Thank you for choosing to take this journey with me.

Trinity Piette

(Private & MYC Teacher, Scholar & Performer)

Trinity Piette picI started learning about music when I was 6 years old through the MYC program with Sue Heidebrecht. After I graduated from the MYC program, I continued to pursue my musical education with Conservatory Canada with Sue Heidebrecht and Lorraine Griffith, in addition to my University studies in music. I have received the highest Conservatory Canada Grade 8 exam result in the Province of Ontario and have also completed Grade 9 and Theory Level 6 for piano. I have also volunteered while in high school as a mentor to young girls and women through my 14 years in the Girl Guides of Canada program, teaching them to nurture their individual gifts in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. As I grew more confident in my craft, I started to perform both solo and with various bands in my local community, and have experience organizing musical events of my own. My love of sharing music led me to graduate high school with the most volunteer hours in my graduating class, and I am currently enrolled in a Bachelors of Music degree at University. I enjoy sharing everything I have learned in music with others, which has inspired me to become a teacher with the MYC program. I believe that music is made to inspire others and can be a useful tool in building important life skills at a young age. Music is a wonderful way to connect with oneself and others, and will provide a long lasting supply of enjoyment.

I have participated in several local bands on the piano and on vocals, and have been involved in live performance events both on my own and with my fellow band members. I am involved in music at my local church as a member of the Contemporary band as a pianist, and as an organist for the choir. I have also learned the trombone in high school and had been a member of the Senior Band and Chamber Choir, where we had travelled in Ontario for various school concerts and competitions.

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