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Does Music Make Your Child Smarter?

This is the question on an article in Today’s Parent March 2012 issue. You can read it here.

What are your thoughts, as parents of little musicians? What have you noticed from the beginning of lessons? What do you notice now after a few years of lessons?

I’ve been aware for some time of how music changes the “neuro-pathways” of our brains (for a good read, pick up This is Your Brain on Music by Dr. Daniel Levitin) and that children’s brains are still developing and thus more flexible to these changes. But something tells me I’m preaching to the converted when I ask the questions above đŸ™‚

The only thing I’d like to stress from the article, or add to it, is that computer games alone don’t make up a full musical experience. Children need to be physically engaged in making and enjoying music. There is a lot to be said for the focus on developing muscle-memory (there’s another sports analogy!) but it’s very true to the practice of music.

So next time you listen to music at home- get up, get silly, and dance your cares away!



Composing: Goodies for Everyone!

Mini Mozarts in the Making - circa 2012

What will my four year old’s composition look like? How many measures is a Moonbeams 3 supposed to write? Do we need to add the left hand to my Sunbeams 2’s song? I need more staff paper! The answers to your burning questions and more are now provided. I have some wonderful resources on composing for you all to access.

Take advantage of this, because the deadline is Wednesday Feb. 29th.
More questions? Call, email or see me before class. Sometimes I just have to see what you’re working on to offer help.

Happy Composing,