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Yes Virginia, There Will be a Cookie Party…

Season’s Greetings, young musicians and parents!

As the holidays approach I am excited to bring you a tradition from my family that has become a studio tradition. To wrap up our last week of classes, we will be having a cookie decorating party in each class: Monday Dec. 17- Saturday Dec. 2. At one point I wasn’t sure, as my oven was broken, but went ahead and got a new one before the Boxing week as originally planned 🙂Cookies

You need not bring anything. I will not cook with nuts, and the rest of the ingredients basically include flour, sugar and eggs. If I have missed any of these allergies, please email me with details.

Thank you all for a wonderful Fall term! You have all worked very hard and I encourage you to think back to September to see how far you have come at this point.


Mrs. Frizell