Rhythm Festival, 2012

Originally posted on Tempo Drive Music Studio:
  Sunbeams 1 at the Rhythm Fest, 2008 Rhythm Festival When: Saturday Nov. 17th, 2012. Where:OLD LOCATION – The Bridge Church, Kanata. (Directions). Time: Sunshine 1- 9am Sunbeams 1, Moonbeams 1, & Sunshine 2- 10:45am Sunbeams 2 & Sunbeams 3- 2:30 pm Expect to be at the church…

You asked for it… 

Hellooooo parents!  Some of you have convinced me to do what I consider the unthinkable, but I’ve made a concession. I think I understand now. Here it is, your Grand Staff reference page! Here’s what I’ve realized:  Sometimes a visual is helpful Some of you have never read music before, or you did but it […]

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Hello students and parents! Compositions are due to class the week of Feb. 24th. Students who started in January will not be composing at this time, but probably will in late Spring. Head on over to the composing tab (under downloads), enter the same password you use for homework, and browse some useful links and […]

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New Classes + Referral Bonus

New classes are being added on for January 2016. On Tuesdays, I will be bringing MYC classes to the Manotick School of Music: Sunshine 1 (ages 3 & 4) at 2:45. In Kemptville: Thursday evenings will see the addition of a Sunbeams 1 class (ages 5 & 6), and Saturdays at 10:30 (ages 3 & […]

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Hello Halifax! 

I’m here for Music For Young Children’s International Conference, and we’re having a great time! So many new things happening, so much to learn. Today is the final day and already I’ve learned more than I could have imagined would be packed into three days.  Here are just some of my highlights: An inspirational speech and […]

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2015 Recital – What you need to know

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year again- time to show off your skills. But really, it’s another learning experience (of course!). Musicians need to learn performance skills no matter what their age and stage. Fortunately, our recital will feature children of the same age, plus a few of my senior students as well, all […]

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The Power of Singing

The best thing about MYC classes is that it combines all aspects of of a strong music foundation- and one of those things is singing. You can sing anywhere, anytime. With singing, you always have your “instrument” with you. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. In church, with friends, and when […]

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