Hello Halifax! 

I’m here for Music For Young Children’s International Conference, and we’re having a great time! So many new things happening, so much to learn. Today is the final day and already I’ve learned more than I could have imagined would be packed into three days. 

Here are just some of my highlights:

  • An inspirational speech and performance by Terry Kelly
  • Joining my colleagues in playing and singing hits in a fake book– well past midnight!
  • Learning even more about integrating technology into the classroom
  • Having the Royal Conservatory of Music come and tell us that OUR students are the best going through the exam process today (Wow! What high praise!) 
  • A great workshop by Frances Balodis on the parent-student-teacher relationship
  • And… Stay tuned for exciting news from Roland! 

Can’t wait to get back, kiss the kids and hubby and put what I’ve learned into action!




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