• MYC lessons include parents for a reason. Don’t just be at the lessons, but be present at them. Please turn off cell phone and pagers. Out of the whole week, this is one, uninterrupted hour that you get to spend with your individual child.
  • Practice is essential for success in MYC. I would like my students to be able to practice five days a week (6 is even better, or 7; wow!) I look forward to helping you develop new tricks or a routine for engaging in music at home. You & your child are responsible for keeping track of practices. The length of the practice will be determined by the class level.
  • Please arrive on time or 5 minutes earlier. Take time to unwind, go to the bathroom, and/or have a drink of water (before class starts). When you are late, your child misses out and it can be disruptive to the entire class. Thanks for your cooperation!
  • Please enter through the front door leaving your boots on the rack/mat and coats, hats, mittens etc… hung up (ie, off the floor). Please keep studio door closed for the safety of my daughter.
  • Please park on the street without blocking neighbour’s driveways.
  • Unless there is a medical reason, no food or drink in the studio please (except water for children who are old enough to drink it inconspicuously without spilling).
  • Please have respect for your fellow peers – that means students, parents and teacher.
  • No siblings please. My insurance does not cover children who attend group lessons without an additional adult present.
  • If your child must miss a class, please notify me as soon as possible! Homework is readily available, and as always, I too am just a phone call or email away should YOU have any questions.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS OR MAKE-UP CLASSES FOR MISSED LESSONS. I can the record the class to CD if you give notice of absence. You are responsible for picking it up well before the next lesson.
  • If I must cancel a class (due to illness or emergency) I will try to reschedule at a time convenient to all parties. If this is not possible, I will gladly refund the lesson.


  • Cash is not accepted for tuition or materials.
  • Cheques will be cashed at the beginning of each month listed.
  • Post-dated cheques are due by your FIRST scheduled class. After this time, a $20 late fee per week will apply. Cheques should be filled out according to the list below (parents with two or more children in the program can write ONE cheque per month with the total amount).

o Sept. 1 – $160
o Oct. 1 – $67.50
o Nov. 1 – $67.50
o Dec. 1 – $67.50
o Jan. 1 – $67.50
o Feb. 1 – $67.50
o Mar. 1 – $67.50
o Apr. 1 – $67.50
o May 1 – $67.50

  • NSF payments (cheques returned due to insufficient funds) will be subject to a $25 charge.
  • If you wish to withdraw from classes, your fees will only be returned if:

o Your family must make a long distance move
o There is a death in your family
o The student or a close family member is battling a long term illness

  • In these events, only un-cashed cheques will be returned.
  • Please speak to me personally if you need to arrange alternate payment options.

By enrolling in this class, you are enrolling for the whole year. Once I have started classes, it is nearly impossible to find another student to fill the space in that class.

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