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“Field Trip” – Our first performance!

When: Saturday Nov. 8th, 2014.
Where: The Bridge Church, Kanata. (Directions).
Time: 9am start

Cute kids performing!
The back of my head and some cute MYC kids participating.
  • Sunshine 1- 9am
  • Sunbeams 1 – 10:30am

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to show time and come sit together as a group.

Expect to be at the church for an hour. You may also stay for other performances throughout the day.

Cost: This is considered a class. There is no additional cost to you. Audience members may choose to make a donation to the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects. This event is ran exclusively by volunteers.

We will prepare for this in class whether you attend or not. 

Why: For younger students in particular, there are not many venues to perform in. The Rhythm Festival is perfect, because it provides child friendly adjudication and interaction with peers who also take music lessons. Students will get to practice in class for the performance, so they usually don’t get nervous. Music is meant to be shared, so when I find a positive place for that first performance to happen, I am promising you that you’ll be pleased with the day!

This year, adjudicator Leo Brooks of Treefrog Percussion returns to give insight into playing various percussion instruments, and how to enhance your performance. His positive comments and zest for performance was loved by the audience last year.

Please contact me if you have any further questions about the event.


♪ Mairéad

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