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Allison’s Brain

Awhile ago I heard an amazing story about Allison Woyiwada, an Ottawan musician and  teacher, who experienced a miraculous recovery from a massive aneurysm thanks in part to music therapy.

Read here story here, and post your comments below.

She also has a book out about the whole experience, and yes, it’s on my to-read list.

How does music heal you?

♪ Mairéad

1 thought on “Allison’s Brain”

  1. Hi Mairead

    One of the surgeons Dr Kassam was overseeing in my mothers recovery from a near stroke (Subdural hematoma) about a year and a half ago. I have heard he is quite brilliant. He was not my mom’s operating surgeon (one of his residents did her surgery to relieve bleeding on the brain).

    Yes, we believe in the power of music to heal and we wish there was more funding for this in homes to help older folks such as my father in law who has dementia and lost all speech. He sings phrases to my husband but never speaks any more.

    Thanks for this reminder about the importance of music.


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