Practice Tips

Practice Time

We have lunchtime, bath time, snack time, and so on. Now that your child is learning to play piano, it’s practice time.

But what does that involve? How do you get the tasks done and keep it fun?

Just like any of the “times” above, it occurs everyday. Sometimes more than once. Practice must then become the same thing. You ensure that your child brushes her teeth everyday, because that is what is best for them. Music literacy, leading to the enjoyment and performance of music, is another thing that you have chosen for your child.

Mornings are often the best time for children to focus at any task. Or after a snack or meal, so that they are not distracted by a growling tummy!

A parent (usually the parent who attends class) needs to be present at these practices in the first few years of study. You are there to gently assist with fingering, note correction, and to ensure that the items on the homework sheet are being checked off. Try to approach each song the way your teacher has in class. For young children, actions speak louder than words. If music practices comes before screen time, than you are saying that it is priority. And the more frequently practices happen, the less a child will balk at it. It’s part of a daily routine. No big deal!

But to make it a happy part of the day, make sure that you are set up to be patient, and cheery- not tired and grumpy. That would send the message that music practice is “one more thing” on an exhaustive to-do list. Not fun, or important. Just like your child, pick a time that is not rushed, make sure that you have  had a little break and something to eat too!

Soon this time will become something special that you share with them. And just as soon as that happens, they will begin to play on their own, and know more than you can even keep up with!

Take time

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