September is Around the Corner!

Hi all, and welcome back! It’s a busy time of year, so be sure to Check the Schedule to get ready for classes. They start next week, September 4th, except for Sunrise which begins September 29th.

How else can you prepare for classes? If you are a returning student, pull out some old books and play something- anything – just to get back into shape. Parents can help young students by preparing them for classes as you would for the first day of school. Talk about what will happen, who they will see, when you will be going to class etc.

Student Referral Bonus!

There are still spaces in level 1 classes and Sunrise, so from now until September 29th, if you refer a student who signs up with me, you will receive a free lesson this year! One free lesson per student referred. Contact me for details. 


1 thought on “September is Around the Corner!”

  1. Looking forward to getting Cadence and Devon back into the weekly routine we love with you! Summer was great but I miss hearing scales and pieces!!!! Hope you and your family fun and relaxed. See you soon. Lisa

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