Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

I have recently come across a “had to share” website of music games called Tonic Tutor. Click on “Play a Game” to get started. If I get enough feedback, I may subscribe to it so more students can enjoy. It allows me to set up specific games for each week. I figure the level of these games are well suited to Sunbeams 3 and Moonbeams 3.

For the younger MYC students, try various games from this site, or the games on Classics For Kids. For rhythm clap back, try Teoria.com and click on “exercises.” There’s also a feature for Moobeams 3 to try interval ear tests.

Are there any other games out there that parents would like to share?


2 thoughts on “Music Games

  1. Thanks for the link to music games for the kids! Great way to keep them sharp this summer 🙂 Hope you are having a great summer!

    1. Okay here’s my corny, music teacher reply: If they don’t stay “sharp,” they will surely fall “flat.” Ba-doomp-chaa! I hope they enjoy it.

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