Recital Wraps

… And I am simply blown away by the performance of ALL students! Wow. You are all so calm and cool headed playing for everyone. If any of you were nervous, you sure didn’t show it!

When I plan these events, I can easily get overwhelmed. So much goes into it- but when it all ends, I feel that it was so WORTH the effort. But really, Pride may be the best word to describe how I feel. You have all worked so hard to get here, and I am so thankful to supportive parents and families. I could not do my job without such wonderful support.

I hope that you can all reflect on how far you have come. Maybe from last September where you may have began your fist year of music. Or maybe from 2 or 3 years back at the old Hathaway Street studio.Whatever the case, think back to that starting point, and see how you have grown, changed and been molded into the young musician you are today. I wonder if you too, parents, have been changed by your experiences in music class? I hope for the better!

To my students: I knew that you would amaze the audience and I know that your skills and abilities earned over this teaching year are the kind that can be shared and will last a lifetime.

Thank you for validating my teaching efforts through a lovely performance 🙂

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