Mairéad made music fun and accessible for my little one. And, as a parent who doesn’t play the piano, I found Mairead very supportive of my learning too. The class environment is well-paced, filled with great learning activities and the presence of a small group of other kids really makes the learning stick. Mairead approaches lessons in ways that spark a love for music!  And I also like that learning music has many side-benefits. For instance, fractions were easier to learn and my kid is developing a healthy understanding of daily practice. There are two things that surprised me most about Mairead’s class. First, my little one goes from generally shy and reserved to confident around the piano. Because she’s so used to playing in front of other people (kids and adults) in a classroom environment, playing for larger gatherings at recitals was, remarkably, no sweat. Also, because Mairead promotes a really positive learning environment, my kid has a strong sense of her own capacities and will often create learning challenges for herself. Learning music with Mairead has been a fun adventure and an excellent investment.

–       D.G., parent of Sunbeams 2 student

The MYC program was extremely beneficial in allowing our 4 yr old daughter learn the basics of music and keyboard.  Mairéad’s teaching to this young age in the group was amazing.  Her patients with the children was never unrecognized as this age group at times are hard to manage and keep them focused.  I would recommend not only the MYC program but a great teacher as Mairéad.

AC Family

Mairéad is a wonderful teacher full of patience and understanding and had a way with dealing with my sometimes difficult, stubborn son.  She always had great ideas to engage the children and make playing piano and learning about music fun!

–       J.F., parent of Sunbeams 3 student

We are absolutely thrilled with the MYC program.  My 4 year old daughter is quickly learning to read music and play little songs while working on her finger placement with the help of her favorite critter friends.  Mairéad’s classes are upbeat and fun and she always has control of the class and is able to keep the interest of these young students.  Not only is my daughter learning how to play piano but she is also gaining confidence in herself and coming out of her shell. I really like that I am able to learn alongside her as well as I have never learned to play the piano.  The only down side is that my daughter will soon be surpassing my skills!

L.K., parent of Sunshine 1 student

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